Friday, August 28, 2009

Los Angeles Zoo SB Layout

Finally, here is the layout I did for the LA Zoo using Zoobaloo. This is the first time I did this layout and it was challenging because of the kind of cardstock I was using (textured). The creatures and thinner letters are better cut out on non-textured cardstock (or minimally textured cardstock or cardstock that has a smooth side on the back and using the "Flip" selection on the E and cutting with the smooth side up) to avoid ripping. Believe it or not I really like the semi-textured cardstock (smooth on the back side) that you can get at Walmart for (I think) about $8 or $9 dollars for a 12 x 12 stack of 50 sheets (as compared to the DCWV cardstock for $19.99 which I have tons of because I love their colors). I've found that the Walmart paper cuts a lot easier.
I love the "Which way did they go?" part of this layout (I used DS to weld the letters... so much easier). I didn't realize it when I was taking the pictures but it worked out perfect with the Meerkat looking in all directions. If you look up above the girls are "popping up" out of the ground (inside of those bubbles) and in the picture on the top right one of the creatures (I don't think it's one of the Meerkats) is actually popping out of a hole. This was a fun layout to do!! I didn't have a lot of pictures of the girls. My daughter took tons of pix of the animals.... they are cute but......

Here is the second time I did this layout for the same activity (wow, took much less time since I knew exactly what I was doing and what paper I wanted to use). I'm in charge of keeping up with the group's scrapbook so I recreated the same layout (CVS was having an issue with printing out pix so I ended up with double prints for free) but this time I didn't have the stickers so I used the Zoobaloo cart to create the extra animals. I think the "Welcome" is from Walk in My Garden (one of my favorite carts!! I've used it A LOT!)

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