Friday, August 28, 2009

Heritage Park SB Layout

Here is a layout that I did for the group's scrapbook. On this adventure the girls went to a park in Cerritos, CA. At this park there is an island that has the slide and some of the other stuff you see in the pix (page on the right). Unfortunately on this day the island was closed for maintenance. The girls "broke in" and had a blast (I was there snapping pix... apparently I am the new historian for the group). Right behind us many other folks joined us (until we were kicked out by park maintenance folks). My favorite pic is the one with the girls behind the bars (it's their favorite too).... don't they look sad? LOL. I printed these pix out on my printer so I printed them smaller than you usually get. I think it's the wallet size.
I used "Walk in My Garden" for the flowers, post, butterfly and caterpillar. Don't remember where the fence and grass came from and the balls came from "Life's a Beach". I know I did use DS to make the grass and fence connected and long enough for a "border". Everything is from Cricut carts.

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