Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cricut Cartridge Storage

This is what I originally used for cartridge storage, but it only holds 26 and it was a pretty snug fit with all cartridges, layouts and books inside.
So, when my collection grew to 35 cartridges I had to figure out something new. I got the idea from one of the ladies on the Cricut Lovers Yahoo group she used containers from Wal-Mart and I think put one cartridge per divider and taped the plastic to each divider.

So I went to Staples in search of containers (I had reward money to use). The brand of box is "Really Usefull Boxes" and they're $9.99 each.  I was originally going to use 5x8 index cards as dividers but those were too flimsy.... light bulb.... use my scrap pieces of chipboard. This worked out perfectly because I had a bunch of scraps that were 5" wide and 11" long so I cut them down to 8.75". I then cut out the plastic so it was just the "holder" part so I could put 3 per divider. I glued them on using Zip Dry glue. Each box will hold 27 cartridges along with the overlays and books.

I didn't have any file labels, so I printed out the "labels" on card stock and used my Xyron to make stickers. I think I'm really happy with this solution and it will continue to work as my collection grows. And you can always reorganize the carts just by re-labeling the dividers.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Bandit

I went to a class this weekend to make this acrylic book (my first time). The Bo Bunny "Love Bandit" paper is AWESOME!! Here is the book that Jessica Studer designed and teaches at local shops in my area. It's not exactly like hers because I finished it at home and I SCREWED UP and punched holes on the wrong side for binding so I just decided to add ribbon. I think it turned out pretty good even with my goof! I had to get more of this paper and I did find it. Love Bo Bunny paper! So cute!!
Here is my goof page where I had to add ribbons in the holes that I punched on accident......

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Birthday Book #2

My beautiful daughter turned 19 on January 28th, lives 1200 miles away and she loves my, I decided to remake this book that I did in December for a friend... changed a few things and made it perfect for my daughter. Love this paper DCWV "Sweet".... LOVE IT! What is really great about this design and this paper stack is that it can be switched around to make it "individualized". Just re-made this book for a friend who's daughter is going to school in Hawaii. We added a cat page (that she had to leave behind) and a surf board page and its "Birthday Wishes" instead of "Celebrate.. It's Your Day" and the same stack of paper was used differently. We're still on the beginning part of this new book, but I will post it as soon as we get it done! Thanks for taking a look!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Chicago Book

Just before Christmas a friend asked me to do a book for her cousin for their trip to Chicago which gave me the idea to make one for her for Christmas. (I also made one for her cousin). This is my creation. The paper I used is DCWV Belle Cafe. I'd looked at the stack before and didn't think much of it but once I used it for this project I fell in love with it.  I designed it and put it together in a hurry so I didn't do too many pages. Thanks for checking it out!