Thursday, August 27, 2009

Alice in Wonderland SB Layout

Job's Daughters is an international organization. California is one of the largest jurisdictions so we have a Grand Guardian for the State of California. Each year she visits each individual group in the state. This layout is from her visit. I'm sharing this one because I love Alice in Wonderland which was our theme for her visit plus I loved how this layout turned out (and the colors.... I'm like The Pink Stamper, I love pink (and purple)). The background paper is a Disney paper. For center pieces we used "presents" so thats why the pictures are framed in wrapped packages. I made a mistake and accidently added another letter before the GGOV so I had to rip that letter off (I used permanent glue and it ripped the paper so I added the extra present... it happens). All of the Alice in Wonderland stuff are stickers. Of course the Cheshire cat had to be in a tree! This is one of the times I didn't have a lot of pictures so I could do more with the layout. I don't remember which cart the grass is on but I used my DS to connect them and make a border.

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