Friday, August 28, 2009

Boomers SB Layout

Here is our trip to Boomers. I'd already purchased a stack of paper that included the paper that I used for these layouts (I liked the color of the paper.... love bright and cheerful colors). When trying to figure out what background paper to use I thought the "bubbles" or circles worked really well for the pix of the girls in the water (they came out soaking wet) and the shapes worked great for their trip around the track (the shapes reminded me of street signs). I cut out circles in different sizes and colors to represent water drops on the first one and then the street shapes for the go-cart layout. "Boomers" in the circles also represents water drops. "On Your Mark! Get Set! Go!" is done in black and white to represent the checkered flag. The "flags" for the border are from the Zoobaloo cart and welded together on DS. I had to do this a couple of times because the first time I made it too long (one of the drawbacks of DS and the E.... won't cut exactly 12 inches). They are simple layouts but I think cute.

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